Bedtime with Dash

October 11, 2017

Dash at Bedtime

This is my boy Dash at bedtime.  Dash has the most incredible imagination and the best sense of humor and he loves to make up stories.  His current fantasy is one of a rainbow house that's all his own.  Everything is, of course, painted in rainbow colors and only amazing things happen in the rainbow house.  He has a rainbow mommy and a rainbow daddy and a rainbow brother and sister.  Anytime I tell him he can't have candy or that it's time for lights out his rainbow mommy tells him something else. ;)

Some of the most precious moments come during that time of chaos we call bedtime.  My girlfriends and I actually call it crunch time.  With my oldest I had a quiet - and very lengthy - bedtime routine.  You know, like the books tell you. :)  It really was so sweet, but since the twins came into our lives, our bedtimes have evolved into some sort of freeform craziness that can only be completed by putting one foot in front of the other until we all collapse.  Even though it's frenetic I feel like we are weaving some sort of a fabric of memories for our kids.  One bedtime at a time.  My hope is that their bedtime memories are filled with giggles and tickles and secrets confided and stories imagined and wonder and star gazing and kisses... yes... of course lots kisses.

Some of my favorite photography happens this time of day as well.  Whether it be a picture of a family backed by a beautiful sunset, or a photo of a laughing child with the waining sunlight shining softly through her hair.  As the sun starts to set and the "magic hour" begins I can capture images that inspire in me wonder and dreams.   So on this particular night I decided to put down my iphone and grab my real camera to capture some of my own bedtime memories.


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