Banana Bread

December 07, 2017
The day I took these photos I had big plans. My kitchen was a MESS! And then my little one looked up at me with those big brown eyes I had to stop and remember the most important thing was to give her a little of my time. So we baked banana bread for the first time together in a completely messy kitchen! And it was a blast. And then I cleaned... Th...
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Brave Mama

December 06, 2017
Just talking about this yesterday. The way they look at us... and look to us... It never gets old. It leaves me breathless thinking about having that kind of love in my life. I will cherish it always. Had the pleasure of delivering these images to a new mother the other day. Seeing her a few weeks later the baby is chubbier and mom is tired in tha...
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Family Session

October 17, 2017
Look at this gorgeous family!! I had so much fun taking their family photos. We decided to pick a time closer to sunset. My favorite time! We met at a park up the street from their home and took some photos of the kids and then the parents and then everyone together. The kids were playful and laughing - giving me so much to capture! And with each p...
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Bedtime with Dash

October 11, 2017
This is my boy Dash at bedtime. Dash has the most incredible imagination and the best sense of humor and he loves to make up stories. His current fantasy is one of a rainbow house that's all his own. Everything is, of course, painted in rainbow colors and only amazing things happen in the rainbow house. He has a rainbow mommy and a rainbow daddy an...
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Happy Birthday Walker!!

October 10, 2017
Omg!!!! This guy turns 10 today!! Ten years... I really can't believe that it's been 10 years and why does it feel like now it's almost over? My little cornichon is what we used to call him because all I wanted while I was pregnant were those fancy little pickles from Le Pain Quotidien. We used to watch him sleep for hours. Not "sleeping when they...
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